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Balloonists from all over Britain are scheduled to take part in the two day event.
His latest adventure comes as he has some experience as a balloonist as well his impressive catalogue of achievements as a mountaineer and polar explorer climbing the world's major mountains and reaching every pole.
The Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon was less than one day's flying time Friday night from achieving what had thwarted balloonists for two centuries: a nonstop voyage around the world.
Glasgow-born Don Cameron, 59, is himself a record-breaking balloonist.
Testing of a replica of the balloon, which will use an envelope made of 3 tons of a high-tenacity fabric coated with a polyurethane compound, is occurring in Reno, Nevada, under the direction of American balloonist Steve Fossett.
Mr Martin, Denver property magnate Mr Dave Liniger and Australian balloonist Mr John Wallington have, since Saturday, agonised over who must remain behind after being told by scientists that, at the balloon's current weight, they may not have enough ballast to reach its cruising altitude.
Named to the Space Hall of Fame with Knight will be 17th century mathematician Sir Isaac Newton, who formulated the fundamental laws of gravity and motion, and the husband-and-wife balloonist team of Jean Felix and Jeannette Piccard.
Balloonist Steve Fossett was forced to abandon his latest bid to fly around the world non-stop yesterday.
21, 1997--AmeriFIT, one of the nation's leading providers of nutritional supplements, will help sponsor balloonist Kevin Uliassi in his attempt to circumnavigate the globe this winter, and provide specific supplements designed to counter the effects of fatigue, dehydration, muscle loss, cold and oxygen depletion.
TRANS-ATLANTIC balloonist Per Lindstrand is to take part in a major business conference later this year.
SOLO balloonist Steve Fossett told yesterday how his sixth round-the-world mission nearly sank in the South Pacific.
Down to earth: Which balloonist was rescued (question 3)?