ballooning degeneration

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bal·loon·ing de·gen·er·a·tion

an obsolete term for cells that are infected with certain viruses, resulting in conspicuous swelling of the cell and cytoplasmic vacuolation.
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Hepatology A histologic change seen in hepatocytes infected with HAV and HBV; the cells have abundant pale granular cytoplasm; the ‘ground-glass’ granularity of the cells corresponds to viral particles
Neuropathology A descriptive term for the histologic changes of vincristine therapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, enhanced by VP-16
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Among the 19 SH-HCC cases, all showed macrovesicular steatosis, inflammation and ballooning degeneration, with Mallory hyaline in 16 of 19 cases (84.2%), and pericellular fibrosis in 18 of 19 cases (94.7%).
Signs of the classic HSV cytopathic effect included the presence of intracellular proteinaceous fluid, ballooning degeneration of epithelial cells, and acantholysis (figure 2, A) as well as intranuclear inclusion bodies and a ground-glass appearance of some nuclei (figure 2, B).
Out of 30 patients only 8 patients had undergone skin biopsy which showed intraepidermal split with ballooning degeneration of epidermis and lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrates in the dermis.
Schwimmer and his associates, is a steatosis with ballooning degeneration and/or perisinusoidal fibrosis with or without lobular inflammation and without portal inflammation or fibrosis.
The liver disease in these patients can range from simple NAFLD all the way to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), in which histologic findings range from fat plus ballooning degeneration to fat plus alcoholic hepatitis--like lesions that are impossible to distinguish from those of alcoholic liver disease.