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A type of involuntary movement affecting the proximal limb musculature, manifested in jerking, flinging movements of the extremity; caused by a lesion of or near the contralateral subthalamic nucleus. Usually only one side of the body is involved, resulting in hemiballismus.
Synonym(s): ballism
[G. ballismos, a jumping about]


See ballismus.


An extreme form of CHOREA in which the limbs are flung about violently. It is a disorder of the EXTRAPYRAMIDAL SYSTEM of the brain. STEREOTACTIC SURGERY may be helpful.

ballismus, ballism

violent flinging movements of the limbs, sometimes affecting only one side of the body (hemiballismus).
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Tics may resemble other movement disorders, including stereotypies, dystonia, chorea, ballism, and myoclonus
Treatment of ballism and pseudobulbar affect with setraline.
They experienced severe involuntary movements in the form of chorea or dystonia or ballism or tremor and they did not respond to appropriate prior other medical treatments (anticholinergics, conventional neuroleptics, benzodiazepines).