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A supporting point or surface.
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In the third part, results are presented for the analysis of experimental data of a ball bearing with an outer race defect and these are compared with the response of the model.
Three juveniles were arrested in possession of a pistol-type ball bearing gun.
Deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale says a fivefold increase in firearms crime in North Wales is due to a ban on 'BB' guns, not evidence of a new gun culture' Ball bearing guns (pictured) and airguns account for most recorded firearms offences in North Wales
"You can integrate the ball bearing mechanism in a more compact form, because you don't require external components to operate it," said Mike Waits, an engineer now at the Army Research Laboratory.
Police across the region recorded about 50 cases in the last 12 months involving weapons which fired ball bearings.
On the atomic scale, a smooth metal surface has the undulating appearance of an orderly layer of ball bearings. Scientists have long assumed that individual atoms deposited on such a surface readily shift from place to place, moving about like hard spheres rolling across bumpy terrain.
"You don't need surface treatment, and you can use a relatively soft but highly corrosion-resistant stainless." Not only is the shaft cheaper to make, but it aligns far more simply than conventional ball bearing systems.
Ball bearing is the easy-on/easy-off solution for all ball bearing application needs.
A WOMAN who tried a mouthful of McDonald's ice cream sundae found herself chewing on a ball bearing.