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baldy, baldy-faced

said of cattle to mean a white face and usually indicating a Hereford influence in the animal's breeding.
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Meanwhile, WBC, through a Deed of Absolute Sale, sold to Qia the same subject properties which were by Dibs Realty in favor of Cay, Riv, Esie, and Baldy.
Ringleader Baldy, his brother Zeeshan Shahid, Faisal Mushtaq and Daanish Zahid were jailed for life for the murder.
Band frontman Jamie (aka Baldy Holly) says: "For any artist to play the Tyne Theatre it is a magical experience - the history, the architecture, the amazing acoustics and not to mention the wild audiences
As part of the 12-mile Ridgeline Trail, the Mount Baldy path, a loop really, is perfect for either a somewhat brief - but not easy - jaunt up to some impressive views, or as a connector to more mileage for weekend wanders, most notably to the north where there is a junction to Spring Boulevard and points beyond.
She was doing research at the base of Mount Baldy when she heard the screams of Woessner's parents.
Operated by Energie Developpement Services du BrianE*onnais (EDSB), the 46 year old Pont Baldy plant is located south-east of BrianE*on, Hautes-Alpes, and has an output of 5MW.
Baldy begins with an investigation of why and how we sing.
IT was no laughing matter yesterday when Baldy the Clown admitted being a benefits cheat.
From the site of the world's very first train robbery, to the annual Draft Horse Auction, to Mount Baldy and Versailles State Park, Indiana's local cover and rich history offer a unique sense of charm and appeal.
Baldy and Loch Lomond, and four clubs, Norwester Alpine Club, Port Arthur Ski Club, the LSDA Carded Program and the Nesbitt Burns Senior Circuit, there is plenty of alpine racing action to partake in over the ski season.
Baldy League titlist Chaffey of Ontario, then overcame Almont League champ Bell Gardens on Tuesday in a game decided on penalty kicks.