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Having no hair, or a decrease in the amount of hair of the scalp.
[M.E. balled]


adj. balder, baldest
Lacking hair on the head.

bald′ly adv.
bald′ness n.


1. loss of hair, see alopecia.
2. in cattle and horses used to describe an animal with a white face. Called also baldy.

bald faced
a horse with a blaze and a snip into a nostril conjoined.
bald thighs syndrome
a condition of unknown cause occurring in racing Greyhounds about four weeks after commencing a training program. There is complete alopecia with no other abnormality of the skin on the caudolateral aspects of the thighs and sometimes also in the axilla and on the ventrolateral aspects of the chest.

Patient discussion about bald

Q. What medications cause hair loss? I have RA, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies and depression for which I take medication. Which of these cause hair loss?

A. any one of them can, you need to ask your pharmacist about it

Q. Will my hair fall off if I have leukemia? I was diagnosed with ALL and I have to pass on a series of chemotherapy treatments, will my hair fall off? What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

A. Sorry but Yes. Most chemotherapy drugs that will be used do have the side effect of hair loss. However, this will only be temporary and your hair will grow back, probably even better than before! This is just a minor setback, not to be concerned about it..

Q. Do you know if Propecia can truly stop hair loss and even grow back hair. do you have any statistics about it? do you know if there are any side effects to this medication?

A. it does work but there is some side affects, as in E.D. while you are on the med.

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She states baldly that she feels the decline of this philosophy in Australian political thought has been to the detriment of the society.
In a nutshell: Where the original series showed the soul-draining wretchedness of politics, this one simply baldly explains it, less artfully and amusingly.
In letter after letter, Dorothy has told William baldly that he means everything to her.
2] Deforestation had in fact become such a controversial issue that in 1653 Sylvanus Taylor baldly declared that "all men's eyes were upon the forests.
The revelation of this baldly criminal behavior alienated not only moderate congressmen, but also conservative loyalists, without whose support Nixon was doomed.
women raise laments, state baldly the horrors they have endured, but keep the thread of hope alive that the world will seek non-violent ways to settle conflicts and live in peace.
However," she continued, when the "cardinal baldly claims 'condoms often fail,' this is simply not true.
He has baldly threatened Syria, Iraq's neighbor, although talk of war is premature.
Put baldly, identity just is narrative: understanding who a person is seems to require that we understand what that person has gone through, with what outcomes--and of course this is a narrative.
Today, few colleges baldly award honorary degrees to benefactors.
He baldly insists "that science must automatically be declared the outright winner whenever it comes into conflict with contradictory belief systems" (276).
The hard-headedness of the editors is beneficial in the judicious introduction, which sticks to the facts and manages (deliberately or otherwise) to discredit some modern interpretations of Walewein by summarizing their arguments baldly.