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Having no hair, or a decrease in the amount of hair of the scalp.
[M.E. balled]
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adj. balder, baldest
Lacking hair on the head.

bald′ly adv.
bald′ness n.
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Patient discussion about bald

Q. What medications cause hair loss? I have RA, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies and depression for which I take medication. Which of these cause hair loss?

A. any one of them can, you need to ask your pharmacist about it

Q. Will my hair fall off if I have leukemia? I was diagnosed with ALL and I have to pass on a series of chemotherapy treatments, will my hair fall off? What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

A. Sorry but Yes. Most chemotherapy drugs that will be used do have the side effect of hair loss. However, this will only be temporary and your hair will grow back, probably even better than before! This is just a minor setback, not to be concerned about it..

Q. Do you know if Propecia can truly stop hair loss and even grow back hair. do you have any statistics about it? do you know if there are any side effects to this medication?

A. it does work but there is some side affects, as in E.D. while you are on the med.

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They will also be able to listen to Andrew Balding go through the meeting's big races with a top jockey.
I have been happy and very content at Cinderford," said Balding.
"Poor show," one viewer claimed, whilst another added on Billy's speech: "the director should have told Clare Balding to let him finish."
They also found that men with the condition were more like to be balding. Premature balding occurred in 27 percent of the control group, but 49 percent in the group of men with the heart disease.
Like the horse himself, the story's off at a cracking pace, with all the characters well written and believable, but Balding tends to shoehorn in references to Olympic heroes a little too often, which jars against the action.
And it is likely the National Hunt Chase whose last two runnings have marked the passing of Lord John Oaksey and Terry Biddlecombe will be run in Balding's memory next March.
Nearly 44 percent of men reported no balding, about 42 percent of men reported moderate balding and 14 percent reported extensive balding at 45 years old.
Balding said: "I suppose the main ones would be Arabian Star in the Royal Hunt Cup and there's Lay Time in the Windsor Forest.
Analysis revealed that any balding present at age 20 (stage II-IV) was associated with an increased incidence of prostate cancer later in life [odds ratio (OR) 2.01, P = 0.0285, 95% CI 1.07-3.79]).
All study participants were asked to report any personal history of prostate cancer and their fathers' histories of the same, and to describe their balding pattern at ages 20, 30, and 40 along with their fathers', using four images adapted from the Hamilton-Norwood scale of male pattern baldness.
No one involved could have expected that the story of circus owner David Balding and his main attraction, Flora--whom he adopted as a baby after her mother was killed in Africa--would take 10 years to make, but the benefit of time is a consequent depth of both narrative and feeling.