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n the delivery of personal property by one person to another in trust for a specific purpose with an expressed or implied contract that after the purpose has been fulfilled the property shall be returned, duly accounted for, or kept until reclaimed.
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159) Though the bankruptcy trustee may stay the bailor from immediately retrieving bailed property once bankruptcy proceedings have begun, the trustee analyzes the rights of the estate in artwork pursuant to the bailment agreement.
Part of every bailment is an agreement, express or implied, by the bailee to return the bailed goods to the bailor.
One of the firms that tried to cash in on the motor cultivator craze was the Bailor Plow Manufacturing Co.
We thank Paul Selmants for assistance in the field, John Bailor and Mike Hughes for advice on statistical analyses and the Miami University Natural Areas Committee and Thomas Gregg for permission to carry out field experiments.
Sandra Carson, directora del programa Assisted Reproductive Technology del Bailor College of Medicine de Houston, senala que ahora la progesterona natural, en venta bajo el nombre de Crinone, puede aplicarse a la vagina de la misma forma que la espuma anticonceptiva, lo que permite poner la droga directamente donde se necesita, manteniendo bajos los niveles en la sangre y minimizando los efectos secundarios de las altas dosis de progesterona.
Bailor and Bailee: When a banker takes charge of his customer's valuables becomes a bailee or trustee.
In general, a modern-day bailment can be defined as the relationship created by the transfer of delivery of possession of personal property only (not real property) without transfer of title, by one person called the bailor to another called the bailee for the accomplishment of a certain purpose, after which the property is to be returned by the bailee to the bailor or dispersed of according to the bailor's directions.
After a sentence such as "In a bailment for the benefit of the bailor, the bailee is gratuitously possessing the property and is required only to use prudent care", the reader is provided with an illustrative example in easily understood terms.
Season 11 Contestants Jay and Jennifer Jacobs and Author Jonathan Bailor Expose the Myth of Eating Less and Exercising More As a Way to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss
The 171 members of the class of 2017 include Stephanie Acosta, Hannah Albrecht, Grayson Allen, Alexia Alonzo, Tyler Anthony, Skyler Arnold, Annah Atwood, Charlotte Bacon, Orion Bailor, Nathan Baker, Kiley Banks, Rafe Barkley, Albert Beebe, Timothy Bellamy, Kalea Borrelli, Cora Boykin, Johann Brandenfels-Mestaz, Evan Britton, Kaitlyn Brooks, Elizabeth Brown, Abigail Bunce,
Between late 2015 and mid-2016, another domestic Islamist terrorist, Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, had been in communication with Islamic State virtual entrepreneur al-Sudani.
Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, 26, of Virginia was introduced to an undercover FBI agent by a now-deceased member of IS who was plotting an attack in the US.