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n the delivery of personal property by one person to another in trust for a specific purpose with an expressed or implied contract that after the purpose has been fulfilled the property shall be returned, duly accounted for, or kept until reclaimed.
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A bailee has possessory rights, but those rights are limited to the purposes of the bailment.
A bailment regime would clearly vest research participants with a host of exclusive ownership rights going beyond what is necessary to protect their informed consent while simultaneously threatening to undermine biomedical progress.
In the context of clinical research, as in our paradigmatic case of bailment, this normative constituent is not found in the purpose of the relationship.
63) The execution and transfer of product possession(64) to the carrier binds the shipper and carrier to an extraordinary bailment, and to all applicable legally filed publications(65) which govern the product's interstate movement.
In 1987, Kesler applied for and received a bailment pool agreement with GMC Trucks by which it drop-shipped vans to Explorer for conversion and reshipment to franchised GMC dealers.
After a sentence such as "In a bailment for the benefit of the bailor, the bailee is gratuitously possessing the property and is required only to use prudent care", the reader is provided with an illustrative example in easily understood terms.
CoatChex, a subsidiary of Bailment Technologies, Inc.
The ACCC concluded that the possible acquisition was not likely to substantially lessen competition in the market for the supply of bailment finance and point-of-sale (POS) finance facilities to motor vehicle dealerships.
The lender said its Esanda business, which offers point-of-sale financing to customers of vehicle dealers, bailment and other wholesale finance, was no longer a core operation.
Such is the case with the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (WVABCA), which began working on a new Bailment Control System (BCS) in March 2014.
361) The real estate equivalent to bailment is the leasehold tenancy.