Bag Man

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A regional term for a person who transports money as part of the supply chain of illicit drugs
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The 39-year-old needed a bagman who could commit from start to finish.
This guy is outwardly pretty respectful running a business but he also acts as a bagman.
The Bagman has visited schools and after-school clubs to inform children that the way in which we use plastic bags today can pollute their future.
The charity's Bagman Joe Newbury hopes his new persona will encourage more people to switch to reusable bags.
Gunnar comes in useful as a deployable gun-turret and a stabilised sniper rifle, Helm is a handy computer hacker, and Bagman uses scrap (gathered from fallen enemies) to make new ammo, weapons and upgrades.
He also attracts the attention of a serious local hood, Hamal (Erhan Emre), who uses the teen as a bagman for drug deals.
Over the summer Walter did a great deal to get the agreement of at least five of the other founding clubs, which culminated in the meeting on 10 October 1934 at Cecil Sharp House where, with Douglas Kennedy presiding, the Morris Ring was finally inaugurated and the first squire and bagman elected.
Madeline Hendricks-Clark, 15, dressed as Ludo Bagman (left), her brother, Alexxander Hendricks-Clark, 18, as Viktor Kru, and Myke Foster, 17, as a young Sirius Black, have a wizard duel as they wait in line Thursday night for the 12:04 a.
I just read [Richard Poynder's March 2003 article, "An Ugly Situation"] about divine and your interview with Ken Kinsella, divine bagman and company apologist.
Being the conduit or bagman for bribe money is a profession of sorts; learning to pass bribes and get away with it takes experience and know-how.