Bag Man

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A regional term for a person who transports money as part of the supply chain of illicit drugs
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14," "Apple Of My Eye," "Touch Screen," and "Bagman."
Thankfully, after seven years, it's now time for me to tell a story-and the first story I'm telling is about the 'Bagman,'' he pointed out.
Produced by Dreamscape Digital and Rein Entertainment, "Bagman" also stars Alan Paule, Yayo Aguila, Chanel Latorre, and Raymond Bagatsing.
The 39-year-old needed a bagman who could commit from start to finish.
"This guy is outwardly pretty respectful running a business but he also acts as a bagman.
The Scot was sacked by his bagman Jason Hempleman because he wasn't good enough.
Aerosmith are clearly still a big influence, and Bagman almost retro classic rock, while both Cinnamon and First Kiss On Mars are surprisingly poppy but somehow we expected
Dressed from head to toe in discarded plastic carrier bags, The Bagman demonstrates to his audience how plastic can affect the environment and what small steps we all can take in reducing the threat.
New Copt Heath member Steve Cox (on refereeing duty at Augusta) will be available wherever possible, but the return to amateur golf plans of Steve Brotherhood, once Steve Webster's bagman, have changed because of a request to return to caddying on the European tour.
The character, Bagman, has been created by environmental charity Sustainable Wales as part of a drive to rid Porthcawl of unnecessary carrier bags.
These chips can be placed inside equipment, so Gunnar is placed on the gun, Helm on your helmet and Bagman on your rucksack.
He also attracts the attention of a serious local hood, Hamal (Erhan Emre), who uses the teen as a bagman for drug deals.