bag-valve-mask device

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bag-valve-mask de·vice

, bag-mask device (bag-valv-mask dĕ-vīs', bag'mask dĕ-vīs')
A hand-powered, positive-pressure, ventilation device consisting of a mask, one-way valve, and self-inflating bag; may be attached to an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube or a face mask.
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The first experiment, which examined the effects of airflow introduced to the Threshold IMT device-in-reverse via bag-mask device, found that the pressure quickly achieved the calibrated pressure and then decreased slightly, but maintained a pressure similar to that calibrated on the Threshold IMT device.
Also, chest compressions can be started immediately, whereas positioning the head, attaining a seal for mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing, or obtaining or assembling a bag-mask device for rescue breathing all take time.
providers should have proficiency in bag-mask devices because they are an effective method of "breathing" for the patient.