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bael (bāl),

n Latin name:
Aegle marmelos; parts used: fruit (ripe and unripe), pulp, bark, roots; uses: in Ayurveda considered a rasayana, pacifies kapha and vata doshas, increases pitta dosha (bitter, astringent, light, dry); unripe fruit: astringents, digestive problems; ripe fruit: diarrhea, dysentery; roots: melancholia, fevers, cardiac tonic; leaves: cardiac tonic, skin ulcers, eye disorders; precautions: large doses may cause liver abnormalities. Also called
bel, beli, Bengal quince, bilva, or
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neem leaf extract, bael leaf extract, neem oil and sesame oil.
RECOMMENDATIONS: As the global scenario is now changing towards use of non-toxic plant products having traditional medicinal use, development of modern drugs from neem and bael should be emphasized.
Boy's father Isak Musayev said his son Bael and grandson Ilamidin Isakov were injured in the blast.
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This relative delay is also in line with previous studies showing a difficulty in accurately imitating prosodic contours of linguistic phrases at 12 months (Schaerlaekens, Forrez, & Van Bael, 1990; Siegel, Cooper, Morgan, & Brenneise-Sarshad, 1990) while around 3 or 4 years this ability seems already quite developed (Loeb & Allen, 1993; Snow, 2001).
En 2006 formo parte del consulado de Mexico en Arkansas, y antes fue litigante del despacho juridico Van Bael & Bellis y de la consultoria ENHESA en Bruselas.
In the face of the current citrus threat, scientists at UC Riverside are developing a legal source of plant material for popular noncitrus hosts of the psyllid, such as bael tree, a native food plant of India also used for traditional medicine, and Indian curry leaf, a flavoring common in the cuisine of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries.
2008) and Desmedt and Van Bael (2010) presented the results from a feasibility study to the implementation phase of vertical ground heat exchangers (GHEs) in combination with a GSHP for a Belgian office building.
With such a belief, devotees are thronging the temple to offer bael patri (wood apple leaves), milk, curd, Ghee (traditional Indian clarified butter) and honey," said Tej Prakash Sharma, a priest.