bad baby

A popular term for a baby with unexpected birth-related defects or injuries, who has a multi-problem clinical course post-partum
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bad baby

Obstetrics A popular term for a baby with unexpected birth-related defects or injuries, who has a multiproblem clinical course post-partum
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Q. what is the latest a woman can get birth ? is it bad for the baby such a delay?

A. round 10 per cent of pregnancies do go beyond 42 weeks. When this occurs it is known as post-term or a prolonged pregnancy. Concerns regarding problems with the baby increases after 42 weeks. While research findings are contradictory about the risks of post-term pregnancy, it is generally accepted that there is an increase in the death rate of babies over 42 weeks. Part of this increase is thought to be due to babies with malformations – as these babies have a tendency to go overdue. In the majority of cases the outcome is good for prolonged pregnancies. It’s only a minority of cases where problems occur.

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