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Seed bacterization of maize with zinc solubilising Pseudomonas spp.
In the current study, seed bacterization with zinc solubilizing plant growth promoting bacteria resulted in increased plant height (root volume and shoot height); leaf area; and dry mass.
hexavalent chromium stress bacterization with Rb-2 caused 66.7 and 77.4% (with water and industrial effluent respectively) increases in peroxidase content of wheat seedling when compared with non-inoculated treatment (Table 2).
Bacterization with chromate reducing Rb-1 and Rb-2 (single and mixed culture inoculation) caused improvement in the growth and biochemical attributes of T.
Plant growth responses to bacterization with selected Pseudomonas spp.
Studies in effect of wheat seed bacterization on plant development.
Increased plant growth and yield through seed bacterization. Ind.
Seed bacterization with PGPR and phylloplane bacteria promotes growth and increases yield in groundnut.
The data on seed germination and seedling vigour of rice as influenced by seed bacterization with different endophytic bacterial isolates by roll towel method are given in Table 3.