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Any agent that inhibits or retards bacterial multiplication.


An agent, such as a chemical or biological material, that inhibits bacterial growth.

bac·te′ri·o·stat′ic adj.
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Bacteriostat: A disinfectant used to kill bacteria and related microorganisms in humidifiers.
The vinyl contains ultraviolet-light inhibitors and a bacteriostat that cuts mildew problems and reduces algae growth--and lets you use less chlorine.
It will not shrink, stretch, or curl, and is permanently treated with a bacteriostat and fungicide.
Some of their floorings even contain a bacteriostat to ensure enhanced protection.
Chocflex is permanently treated with a bacteriostat and fungicide.
Offered in 12 new colors accented by coordinating color flakes, Polysafe Astral contains Polyflor's Bioguard bacteriostat for enhanced hygiene protection and, like all Polyflor sheet vinyls, it can be welded at the seams and coved to create continuous, impervious floors that do not harbor dirt or bacteria.