bacterial photosynthesis

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bac·te·ri·al pho·to·syn·the·sis

a primitive form of photosynthesis observed in some bacteria using only one photosystem and some reducing agent other than water.
See also: Cyanobacteria.
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Useful for researchers in cyanobacteria, bacterial photosynthesis, bacterial nitrogen fixation and symbiosis, these 16 papers describe the photosynthetic ancestors of chloroplasts in eukaryotes such as algae and plants, organisms thought to be the ancient colonizers of the earth.
DFL 44 contains the pufLM genes of the bacterial photosynthesis reaction center but did not produce bacteriochlorophyl a (Bchl a) under the conditions tested, and therefore is a putative aerobic, anoxygenic photosynthetic bacterium (12).
Social and political issues are also raised, and topics range from broadband photon-harvesting biomolecules and other technologies to antenna systems, bacterial photosynthesis, the development of algal systems, and the manipulation of elements in plants.