bacterial growth

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bac·te·ri·al growth

growth of a bacterial culture either by increase in cell material or cell number.
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Duque, who was at the Department of Health's school-based immunization program in Valenzuela City, said that bacterial growth could have occurred during the preparation of the meals.
The study examined how sub-MIC exebacase exposures affect bacterial growth and extend its antimicrobial activity against 14 different Staphylococcus aureus strains tested in human serum.
This makes it susceptible to bacterial growth and if not properly treated and maintained can become a source of infection.
Stud or structure striping is a pattern of bacterial growth seen on building exteriors.
Nearly half of the towels collected (49%) had bacterial growth, which increased in number with extended family, presence of children and increasing family size.
49 percent of the kitchen towels collected in the study had bacterial growth which increased in number with extended family, presence on children and increasing family size.
Some studies have shown a positive effect of dissolved inorganic nitrogen and phosphate enrichment on marine bacterial growth [9-12], while others demonstrated no effect [13].
The study found that each step a fly takes leaves behind a microbial colony track, if the new surface supports bacterial growth, Schuster noted.
Of the 25 conjunctival swabs, 23 (92%) yielded bacterial growth. Most of these bacteria were gram-positive (69.6%); the most predominant genus was Staphylococcus.
The measurements of optical density at 590 nm of treated bacteria groups were graphed for estimation of the bacterial growth curves (14-15).
A spoonful of sugar with a dash of vinegar also feeds the flowers while impeding bacterial growth. A splash of vodka will do the same.