bacterial growth

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bac·te·ri·al growth

growth of a bacterial culture either by increase in cell material or cell number.
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HMC's food hygiene supervisors, Joegi C Ramos and Ginesh George, explained that temperature and time are the two most crucial factors leading to bacterial growth in food.
Avoid tight fitting and regular synthetic undergarments that don't allow air circulation and causing shift in bacterial growth and hence infection.
This method will also enhance our understanding of how bacterial growth is influenced by environmental changes, for example, during the development of the human body or as a result of pollution in an environment.
punctatum (Compositae) on the bacterial growth, biofilm formation, elastase activity, and production of Nacyl-homoserinelactones (AFILs) of P.
The antimicrobial range of LINE-X Coatings provides a release of silver ions on demand, which in turn safely inhibits bacterial growth.
Traditional treatment of infectious diseases is based on compounds that aim to kill or inhibit bacterial growth.
The right technique can inhibit bacterial growth and increase the quality, safety and shelf life of the product.
After removing any hairs or gunk, pour two litres of boiling water slowly down the drain to loosen any bacterial growth that may be contributing to the smell.
The four-week study on 32 healthy volunteers, performed at The Ohio State University, found that a mouthwash containing 33 mg of POMELLA, used three times daily, significantly benefited measures related to saliva bacterial growth, cell injury and antioxidant status.
It also inhibits bacterial growth and reduces fungus and mildew.
If all four are frozen, the freezer is at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below, which is the USDA-recommended temperature to stop bacterial growth.
The line includes two injection-molding grades--AM90S Plus, for applications involving rapid bacterial growth, and AM90S, for less demanding situations.