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London, Oct 14 (ANI): Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the world-wide-web, has finally accepted that he could have created the web without the two backslashes, //, that Internet users often grumbled about.
Access: (must include last backslash).
A crisis of government and the further worsening of the security situation in the south may provoke an authoritarian backslash in the political system, either in the form of restoration of authoritarian tendencies within the government or by provoking elements outside the government to attempt the extra-constitutional ousting of the sitting government.
Such elements introduce anode above the category sought for (specified to the right of the backslash in the representation for a here), a node which has the same category as the sought-for category.
For example, your customer's purchase order application may be incapable of generating part numbers with a backslash or dash and as a result, order administration is tasked with identifying these types of constraints and modifying the part number prior to generating the sales order.
Miyano's arrest, and revelations that Suzuki may have been more deeply involved in the scandal than he had previously acknowledged in sworn testimony to Diet, prompted concerns within the ruling coalition of a political backslash that could boomerang on Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's government.
Solving linear systems and computing the eigenvalues of matrices are one-line commands in MATLAB, involving the backslash operator and the function eig respectively.
The backslash at the end of the line allows long statements to be broken across several lines.
In partitions whose components are of equal cardinality the matrix is symmetrical around its main diagonal, so only the upper-right half of the matrix is shown and the diagonal is marked by backslash (\) characters as space holders.
The backspace key was too small and too close to the backslash key.
The presence of extra keys frequently results in the downsizing of high-use keys such as the enter, backspace and backslash keys.