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In dentistry, a metal support that serves to attach a facing to a prosthesis.


In dentistry, metal support that serves to attach a facing to a prosthesis.

Patient discussion about backing

Q. My son is complaining about back pain. I also see that his back isn't straight. What can we do? My son is a adorable 8 years old. He is complaining about back pain, that bothers him after he walks a little. I also saw that his back isn't straight and looks like a S. is this deformity connected to his back pain?

A. The normal shape of the spine is very similar to the "S" shape as you can see here
But even if his back isn't deformated, he has back pain and you need to take care of that by going to your pediatrician.

Q. I want to know the treatments for back pain

A. well, tester1234, you are asking a very general question. back pain is a symptom. and the best way to get rid of a symptom is by eliminating the cause. back pain have many causes- not sitting right, posture problems, Spinal disc herniation, muscles not strong and long enough, kidney problems sometime feels like lower back problems. i had a problem with posture. so i went to Rolfing therapist- really helped.

Q. I have a lower back pain for more than 3 months what should I do? I am a 55 years old man, and i work as a truck-driver. In the last 3 months i have a back ache that is disturbing my life. Its really annoying me. When I wake up I am usually fine, but after 10 minutes of driving the pain starts and it doesn't stop till I go back to bed. What can I do? my GP told me to take Tylenol, but it's just not helping.

A. A constant low back pain can be a result of a lot of things. A friend of mine (63 years old) had a back pain and she didn't pay enough attention to it assuming its just nothing. In the end it was due to metastatic lung cancer.
here you can see the major "Red Flags" that encourage you take an extra appointment with your GP

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The great Thark grunted his assent to my proposition when I had done, and in accordance with my plan commenced backing toward the wall which I faced while I advanced slowly ahead of him.
He was playing a great lone hand, and he needed all his money for his own backing. The newly founded stock-exchange interested him keenly.
No puppy claws were they, but the stout claws of a mature dog that were stiffened by a backing of hard muscles.
"Your special will be backing down directly, sir," he announced, "but I am sorry to say that we hear very bad accounts of the line.
'Yes, I'll give 'em you down your throat, if you come a-ketching hold of me,' says the small boy, shaking himself loose, and backing. 'I'll smash your eye, if you don't look out!'
Mr Tappertit cried 'Hush!' and, backing to the road, exhorted her in frenzied pantomime to secrecy and silence.
The Patch Pals Collection, including kits for Sly Patch (QM140803) and Regal Patch (QM140401) crib quilts Prices vary coordinated backings available
The approval is conditional upon the divestment of Ahlstrom's abrasive paper backings and pre-impregnated paper (PRIP) business located at Osnabruck, Germany.
While other backings may not be absorbent enough, the company's 16 in.
Colbond has teamed up with Aquafil, a European market leader in carpet yarn manufacturing, textile yarn production and polymer engineering, to create an environmentally friendly range of carpet backings. In a newly created strategic partnership, Colbond will use Aquafil's Econyl, post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyamide-6, to make nonwovens for carpet backings.
Three different methods were used to evaluate the duct tape backings: macroscopic examination, manual cross-sectioning, and FTIR analysis with an attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory.