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Instrument response in the absence of a sample.
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In the background a volcano crater was silhouetted against the stars.
We were standing by then in the middle of the room with its vivid colours on a black background, with its multitude of winged figures with pale limbs, with hair like halos or flames, all strangely tense in their strained, decorative attitudes.
Slowly, the fantastic women with butterflies' wings and the slender-limbed youths with the gorgeous pinions on their shoulders were vanishing into their black backgrounds with an effect of silent discretion, leaving us to ourselves.
His head was immovable; nor did he betray the slightest consciousness that any were present, except when his haughty eye rolled toward the dusky forms of the warriors, who stalked in the background silent and sullen observers of the scene.
An order very similar to that adopted in the preceding interview was observed; the aged and superior chiefs occupying the area of the spacious apartment, within the powerful light of a glaring torch, while their juniors and inferiors were arranged in the background, presenting a dark outline of swarthy and marked visages.
He could bring the drama of antique life before one out of the shadows--white figures against blue backgrounds. I shall never forget his face as it looked one night when he told me about the solitary day he spent among the sea temples at Paestum: the soft wind blowing through the roofless columns, the birds flying low over the flowering marsh grasses, the changing lights on the silver, cloud-hung mountains.
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Such applicants are being told that they have to apply for a new CNIC having photographs in white background. And, this important piece of information is being conveyed on a case-to-case basis and no public announcement has been made in this regard.
SNH Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity investor, has announced it has acquired Universal Background Screening, a provider of background screening products and services, the company said.