pullorum disease

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pullorum disease

A contagious, often fatal diarrheal disease of young poultry, caused by salmonella bacteria and usually transmitted by infected hens through their eggs.

pullorum disease

A fowl infection by Salmonella pullorum, with a nearly 100% mortality.

Domestic or wild poultry (chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, quail, pheasants), as well as sparrows, parrots, canaries and bullfinches. Transmission to mammals is a case report rarity and is primarily vertical (i.e., through the egg), but can occur by direct or indirect contact with infected birds.

Clinical findings
Affected birds huddle near a heat source, are anorectic, appear weak, and have whitish faecal pasting around the vent (diarrhoea).

Fowl typhoid.

Survivors often become asymptomatic carriers with localised infection of the ovary; eggs laid by such hens may hatch and produce infected progeny.
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