baby fat

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A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of female fat deposition
Adolescent medicine The fat that marks a girl’s prepubescent body and face contour—i.e., baby fat
Cosmetic surgery The extra ‘lipobulk’ that accumulates during pregnancy—i.e., baby fat
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baby fat

Cosmetic surgery A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of ♀ fat deposition–
1. The fat that marks a girl's prepubescent body and face contour, ie baby fat.
2. The extra tonnage/'lipobulk' that accumulates during pregnancy, ie baby fat, ne'er to lose. See Cellulite.
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ba·by fat

(bā'bē fat)
1. Colloquial term for obesity in children or young adolescents that presumably will disappear with age.
2. Obesity in postpartum women.
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Patient discussion about baby fat

Q. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I have tried combination of meds to lose about 10Ibs. I exercise 5 times a week - walking and swimming but my extra pounds remains the same. My diet plan is good and I do loads of walking as well! I won’t eat snacks. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I need some suggestion. Thank you.

A. My friendly recommendation is to consult a natural health physician and measure your PH level, follow his instructions and you will surely get the desired result soon. Another option is to try Chinese herb meds; where Chinese medicine is usually a bunch of herbs that are good for you anyways even if it didn’t get you the results. Chinese system of medication is safe without any side effects like rashes, allergy etc. But I never recommend self-medication.

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'We are very skinny but we had a lot of baby fat on the neck,' said Pardon.
I have noticed that she did not add any excess baby fat in any of her three pregnancies making it ridiculously easy for her to bounce back to her beautiful self.
Armed with the new label, it is time to mount a serious campaign with the slogan, "Baby Fat Is a Preventable Disease!"
IT'S been a long year of battling ' post- baby fat' for actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, but with 2013 coming to a close, the diva is finally silencing even her worst critics.
Butler turned to running to lose the "baby fat" and increase his speed, and during his final few years of Pop Warner, he found an unlikely training partner - his teammates' dad.
If a child is uncircumcised, he will usually grow out of the buried penis as the "baby fat" of the pubic area is lost overtime.
Ironically, it was my grandfather who then made me climb six flights of stairs many times a day to make me lose the baby fat.
"I'm glad she signed me up as it has boosted my confidence and the baby fat is gone.
He called us back, took off Lance's diaper and said, "Oh no they've cut all the skin off." He sent us to the emergency department at the hospital where they performed an emergency surgery to stitch the top of Lance's penis to the baby fat around the base to stop the bleeding.
"Contrary to the common perception that chubby babies are healthy babies and will naturally outgrow their baby fat, excess weight tends to persist," said Leann Birch, PhD, chair of the report's authoring committee and director of the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.
"BrainStrong provides women and their families with the nourishment they need to make sure their brains are developing and functioning to the best of their potential, whether they're pregnant, raising small children or over age 55," says Shara Aaron, author of The Baby Fat Diet.
She suffered from low self-esteem, and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie studio was accused of making matters worse while it had her locked in a contract--feeding her weight-loss pills to take off the baby fat producers thought made her ugly, amphetamines to get her through the grueling shooting schedule, and barbiturates to put her to sleep at day's end so she'd be ready for more work in the morning.