baby fat

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A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of female fat deposition
Adolescent medicine The fat that marks a girl’s prepubescent body and face contour—i.e., baby fat
Cosmetic surgery The extra ‘lipobulk’ that accumulates during pregnancy—i.e., baby fat

baby fat

Cosmetic surgery A popular term for 2 poorly-studied clinical forms of ♀ fat deposition–
1. The fat that marks a girl's prepubescent body and face contour, ie baby fat.
2. The extra tonnage/'lipobulk' that accumulates during pregnancy, ie baby fat, ne'er to lose. See Cellulite.

ba·by fat

(bā'bē fat)
1. Colloquial term for obesity in children or young adolescents that presumably will disappear with age.
2. Obesity in postpartum women.

Patient discussion about baby fat

Q. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I have tried combination of meds to lose about 10Ibs. I exercise 5 times a week - walking and swimming but my extra pounds remains the same. My diet plan is good and I do loads of walking as well! I won’t eat snacks. I'm 42 yrs old and am still trying to lose post baby fat. I need some suggestion. Thank you.

A. My friendly recommendation is to consult a natural health physician and measure your PH level, follow his instructions and you will surely get the desired result soon. Another option is to try Chinese herb meds; where Chinese medicine is usually a bunch of herbs that are good for you anyways even if it didn’t get you the results. Chinese system of medication is safe without any side effects like rashes, allergy etc. But I never recommend self-medication.

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Let's say you have been doing your side-bends and sit-ups but that stubborn baby fat is still hanging on.
The truth was I just hadn't lost the baby fat from the birth of his baby brother (although "the baby" was aged three, so the baby fat excuse was wearing a bit thin).
In another confession, she said she was happy their 15-month-old son Alfred looked more like her than David: "Some people say that his round face looks like David's, but I prefer to think that's only baby fat.
nya has a lot of baby fat which she will eventually come out of.
Thomas, who gave birth to daughter Ariana with boyfriend Adam Horsley last February, also said that she wasn't happy with that baby fat on her tummy and hence decided to eat healthy and exercise.
However, the appearance of flat feet is normal and common in infants under the age of two years due to the thick layer of baby fat present in the foot arch of infants.
Ironically, it was my grandfather who then made me climb six flights of stairs many times a day to make me lose the baby fat.
I'm glad she signed me up as it has boosted my confidence and the baby fat is gone.
Contrary to the common perception that chubby babies are healthy babies and will naturally outgrow their baby fat, excess weight tends to persist," said Leann Birch, PhD, chair of the report's authoring committee and director of the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.
Aiming to tackle specific areas such as baby fat put on during pregnancy and pelvic floor conditioning, the sessions also aim to encourage new mums into the great outdoors.
Babies who grow rapidly and hold onto baby fat were once thought to be the healthy babies, and diet or weight restrictions on infants have traditionally been avoided.
Ziauddin, small and black with baby fat in his cheeks, is a Muslim boy who finds work in a number of Kittur shops, only to steal wherever he goes.