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Isaac, U.S. inventor, 1799-1862. See: Babbitt metal.
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Babbitt always took sides, leading genuine battles throughout his life in defence of: 1) moderation in everything; 2) well-centered balance between the powers of intellect and emotion, of reason and imagination (the latter being "the universal key to human nature"--cf.
Babbitt opposed what he called sentimental humanitarianism, the unleashing of egalitarian and maudlin emotion and enthusiasm as a replacement for morality as understood in the classical and Christian traditions.
It is enough to know that Babbitt utilizes a number of techniques, which give him the freedom to explore the many different ways of constructing aggregates.
From his position at Harvard, Babbitt was able to discern that traditional humanistic education, what he termed the "old" education, was under attack from two different fronts.
Mike Ryan, Southwest's vice president of Labor Relations, and the labour relations team will report to Babbitt.
Babbitt believed such an education to be under assault by Eliot and others who advocated what Babbitt termed "humanitarianism.
and his wife Emily, Mark, of North Carolina, and Alan of Ringwood, NJ and his wife Ann; her daughter, Judi of Philadelphia, PA; 7 Grandchildren, Rachel Jachimczyk and Brian Babbitt of Dudley, Sarah and Bradley Babbitt of Ringwood, Jessica Cuevas and Michael Odell of Springfield, and Steven Odell of Lee; and 7 great-grandchildren.
Babbitt, though, retained both his robust good humor and his creative drive.
Manley Babbitt Jr, a fine young man and young father himself.
villain of the satire of mid-American manners and mores, Babbitt, after
We began to see more events than I was comfortable seeing," says FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, referring to the roughly half-dozen incidents reported in the last two months.
A founding board member of Idaho Banking Company and a director since 1996, Babbitt is currently president & CEO of NL Terteling Family Interests Inc, Tereco, and JA Terteling and Sons Co.