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the light chain, of the histocompatibility class I molecule, found in elevated levels in patients with Wilson disease and in alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis; the human protein consists of 99 amino acyl residues and has a molecular weight of 11.8 kDa.
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Salivary b2-microglobulin positively correlates with ESSPRI in patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome.
Table-III: Comparison of b2-microglobulin and ld2 levels in controls and nhl patients with bone marrow infiltration.
Creatinine and B2-microglobulin as predictors of rejection.
The two markers of tubular function that indicated possible kidney problems in this trial are retinol-binding protein and B2-microglobulin. Increased levels of these two markers in renal tubules usually indicate uptake and transport problems in the tubules.