beta thalassemia

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β thal·as·se·mi·a

thalassemia due to one of two or more genes that depress (partially or completely) synthesis of β-globin chains by the chromosome bearing the abnormal gene. Heterozygous state (A2 t.): thalassemia minor with Hb A2 increased, Hb F normal or variably increased, Hb A normal or slightly reduced. Homozygous state: thalassemia major with Hb A reduced to very low but variable levels, Hb F very high level.
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In Southern Asia, the prevalence of b thalassemia has been reported to be from as low as 2% to as high as 28% in various studies5,6.
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Laboratory tests were performed for diagnosis of b thalassemia include CBC, Hb electrophoresis and mutational screening.
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also reported higher prevalence rate of a thalassemia carrier (8.53%), b thalassemia (2.54%) and both a and b thalassemia (0.26%) in the Guangdong Province of China.