azure I

az·ure I

a mixture of azure A and B.
Synonym(s): methylene azure
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The flexible infrastructure provided by Azure is the perfect complement to mobile applications developed with OutSystems.
Security and privacy are embedded into the Azure cloud platform, and Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure.
Azure is the only public cloud providing partners with this incredible benefit through which Microsoft sales reps are paid up to 10 percent of the partner's annual contract value when they co-sell qualified Azure-based partner solutions.
Aras on Azure is ideal for enterprises that need to be up and running quickly with a complete PLM environment for supply chain co-development initiatives, joint ventures, rapidly evolving product lines and other fast-paced environments.
The Azure is too new to have developed any significant faults so the usual rules apply when looking at a vehicle of this ilk.
Additionally, Azure is financially incentivized to support the Partnership's growth through accretive dropdowns and cash flow from its future limited partner unit ownership, as well as its substantial ownership in Marlin's incentive distribution rights.
This collaboration on Windows Azure is one of the many recent strategic efforts between Microsoft and Dell Services.
Windows Azure is compatible with the same programs you already know how to use.
With ceilings from nine and a half feet high to well over 11 feet, spacious layouts, floor-to-ceiling windows and numerous child friendly amenities, Azure is a natural fit for growing families in Manhattan," added Bracha.
Azure is actively advancing its portfolio of projects in Mexico and has commenced an extensive program of exploration and related activities over the next six months which is fully funded by joint venture arrangements and recent capital raising initiatives.
Azure is currently working internationally with various partners and customers including Purolator Courier Ltd.