azure A

az·ure A

[C.I. 52005]
asymmetric dimethylthionine chloride; a blue dye used as a component of MacNeal tetrachrome blood stain and of Romanowsky-type blood stains; also used as a stain for mucins, nucleic acids, and mast cell granules; gives a metachromatic violet to red color to highly acidic substances in tissues.
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We chose Microsoft Azure as our strategic cloud platform and decided to dramatically reduce our AWS footprint and 3rd Party co-located data centers.
DJI, the world's biggest drone company, is partnering with Microsoft to create a new SDK for Windows 10 PCs, and it has also selected Azure as its preferred cloud provider to further its commercial drone and SaaS solutions.
The expansion reaffirms Azure as R3's preferred cloud provider.
One of the key reasons to choose EPiServer is if you want Azure as your cloud solution."
18 -- Before we delve into the depths of Azure as a cloud platform, it is good to know that Azure comes jam-packed with a lot of features.
Fujitsu has positioned A5 for Windows Azure as a public cloud service in its FUJITSU Cloud Initiative, which systematizes the products and services it offers for the cloud.
Microsoft is looking to add support for persistent VMs to Azure as well.
TomTom is also expanding its relationship with Microsoft, selecting Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud provider.
Kalamaras has served Azure as the company's CFO since January 2013, playing an instrumental role in pursuing the company's strategic interests including the acquisition of Marlin Midstream Partners in February 2015, at which time he became the CFO of the partnership.
ADAM is choosing Azure as an infrastructure platform in response to the growing needs of globally active enterprises engaged in customer experience management.