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(ă-zō'ik, ā-),
Containing no living things; without organic life.
[G. a- priv. + zōikos, relating to an animal]
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(ă-zō'ik, ā-)
Containing no living things; without organic life.
[G. a- priv. + zōikos, relating to an animal]
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No significant differences in terms of density, diversity and nematode community composition were found between the azoic and the Scolelepis treatment, in contrast to the findings obtained for a temperate, macrotidal sandy beach (Maria et al., 2011).
Since the formulation of the azoic theory, and in spite of its refutation, until the middle of the 20th century it was commonly held that the abyssal ocean bottom and waters were a biological desert.
But with the advent of garment processing, denim is dyed in full spectrum of colours with reactive, vat, sulphur, pigment and azoic colours.
Effects of leaf litter addition on meiofaunal colonization of azoic sediments in a subtropical mangrove in Hong-Kong.
The rich and relatively abundant Thuringian flora at the end of the Permian, dominated by the conifers, disappeared suddenly from the stratigraphic series and the Triassic materials which follow are practically azoic. It was not until the middle Scythian that plant remains reappeared, these were lycopsid-dominated floras whit proliferation of Pleuromeia (Steiner et al., 2001; Grauvogel-Stamf, 2005), poorer in species and more primitive than at the flora of the end the Permian.
It should be noted that Stage I conditions were widespread in all three of the 2002 surveys, although some of the samples stationed in the Western Narrows seemed to be completely azoic (Stage 0).
Most important are sulfonic acid derivatives of azoic dyes.
Probable urinary obstruction, azoic retention and metabolic acidosis are not discarded; its compensation (pulmonary hyperventilation) could explain the unique premortal sign (Medway et al.