azimuth resolution

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az·i·muth re·so·lu·tion

(az'i-mūth rez'ŏ-lū'shŭn)
Ability to determine spatial distance between two objects that emit or reflect sound; important in the description of ability of ultrasound beam to differentiate two objects closely placed.
Synonym(s): elevation resolution.
[Ar. as-samt, compass bearing, fr. L. semita, path]
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In contrast, the azimuth resolution is broadened seriously, when azimuth PSLR is reduced by Hamming window weighting.
The extent of the image quality degradation depends on many factors such as the radar hardware parameters (particularly, the radar wavelength), the reference flight parameters (the flight velocity, the altitude, and the antenna beam orientation), the required azimuth resolution, as well as peculiarities of the phase errors that are typical for the SAR platform and the radar installation, and so on.
The contradiction between azimuth resolution and swath is an important factor that restricts the performances for LEOSAR.
The measured azimuth resolution after the improved MoCo is 1.
In June 1951, Carl Wiley of Goodyear Aerospace Co, United States proposed the Doppler beam sharpening system which can be used to improve the azimuth resolution of the radar.
Resolution was related to aircraft ground speed and to antenna pointing angle with respect to the direction of flight, but typical azimuth resolution is around 0.
At the same time, the available imaging range width is enlarged significantly with range and azimuth resolutions maintained.
On condition that the range between radar and target does not change, the antenna beamwidt h must be reduced to improve the azimuth resolution.
This limits the length of the synthetic array and, thus, the azimuth resolution.
In these applications, a wide ground coverage and high azimuth resolution is always a primary preference for efficient use of the resources.
Assuming that the azimuth beam steering direction from aft to fore is positive, progressive azimuth beam steering introduces an azimuth shrinking factor, which is response for the reduced target Doppler bandwidth and the coaster azimuth resolution.
The equipment's range resolution is 25 m (typ), with an azimuth resolution value of 0.