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ayapana (äˈ·yä·päˑ·n),

n Latin name:
Eupatorium ayapana; part used: leaves; uses: aromatic, diaphoretic, skin protectant, stimulant, stomachic, wound healing, and as a household remedy for assorted ailments; precautions: none known.
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Lucido claimed that Ayapana sexually molested her but she was able to free herself and escaped towards her house, shouting for help.
There is also room for in-kind contribution in terms of (1) plot of land from the women association for cultivation of Vetiver, Ayapana, Citronelle and Baton Rouge Cooperative Society for Cassava cultivation and (2) training on seaweed farming techniques by MRC.
Nees Euphorbiaceae Indeterminada Leguminosae Indeterminada Asteraceae Ayapana amygdalina (Lam.