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An elongated supporting rod or tubule that runs the length of certain flagellate protozoans, frequently projecting out of the posterior end. Single or multiple, filamentous or rigid, they vary with the species but provide as an endoskeletal framework and may function in locomotion as well.
[axo- + G. stylos, pillar]
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Flagellates, based on their morphology, were identified as Trichomonas tenax; these trichomonads moved quickly, each with the median rod axostyle; 4 free flagella, the fifth flagellum associated with undulating membrane, were 10-15 [micro]m long and 5-11 [micro]m wide, with vacuoles that contained multiplying bacteria.
(9) It possesses a single anterior nucleus, a rod-like axostyle, undulating memberane and five flagella.
Axostyle A rod-like structure that gives rigidity to the bodies of some flagellates.