axoplasmic flow

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axoplasmic flow

Etymology: Gk, axon + plassein, to shape
the continuous pulsing, undulating movement of the cytoplasm between the cell body of a neuron, where protein synthesis occurs, and the axon fiber to supply it with the substances vital for the maintenance of activity and for repair. The nerve fiber depends totally on the cell body for metabolites, and any interruption in the axoplasmic flow caused by disease or trauma results in the degeneration of the unsupplied areas of the axon.


pertaining to or emanating from axoplasm.

axoplasmic flow
the flow of proteins, hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters along nerve fibers.
axoplasmic transport
the mechanism by which viruses make their way along the axons.
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It is a microtubule depolymerizing agent and causes blocking of the axoplasmic flow in colchicine induced rat model of Alzheimer Disease (cAD) [1, 2].
These represent accumulations of neuronal organelles (chiefly mitochondria) in areas where neuronal axoplasmic flow has been affected by losal ischaemia.
Even though the pathogenesis remains obscure, it is thought that alteration in the axoplasmic flow of ganglion cells is the possible underlying reason.
When there is high pressure of the CSF, the pressure extends around the optic nerve and results in obstruction of the axoplasmic flow in the optic nerve axons.
7,8) Methotrexate-induced disruption of anterograde axoplasmic flow may cause axonal accumulation of [beta]-APP, a constituent neuronal transmembrane glycoprotein.