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The brain and spinal cord (cerebrospinal axis).
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Axion Ventures is an Investment Issuer with majority ownership in Axion Games, an online video game development and publishing company headquartered in Shanghai, China as well as in True Axion Interactive Ltd., a video game development company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and cofounded with True Corporation.
Axion Ventures upgraded to OTCQX from the Pink[R] market.
Batteries will be processed for remanufacturing, reuse and recycling by Aspire; tested and repurposed for second-life applications by Aceleron; and recycled by Axion.
Currently, the company owns, directly or indirectly through its majority-owned subsidiaries Axion Entertainment Holdings Ltd.
announced that it has acquired Axion Insurance Services Inc.
Here, [zeta] acquires a nonminimal kinetic term of the form [omega]([phi]) due to its interaction with [phi]([phi], [zeta] can be identified with the scalar dilaton field and the pseudoscalar axion field, respectively), while *[F.sup.[mu]v] = (1/2)[[epsilon].sup.[mu]v[kappa][lambda]][F.sub.[kappa][lambda]] is the Hodge-dual Maxwell field strength.
Numerous hypothetical particles, such as dark photons and axions, have been proposed as the constituent of dark matter.
"Interplas is a key show for us, so having put a lot of planning effort into our stand, we were very pleased to be rewarded with a high level of knowledgeable and interested visitors," said Axion Director, Keith Freegard.
Contact: Axion Archery, 330-343-0900;
Axion International is working on the railroad--the Trinity Railway Express project--coordinated by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to connect Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.