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In addition, the authors stated: "The statistical equivalency of the temporal artery and axillary temperatures, coupled with less discomfort to the neonate during temporal artery device use, makes the temporal artery thermometer an attractive alternative for temperature monitoring in neonates.
The fever clearance time (FCT) was defined as the time from drug administration until the axillary temperature fell to 37.
1 Parasites/[micro]L 0 Fever * + Jaundice ([dagger]) - Hepatomegaly ([double dagger]) + Splenomegaly ([double dagger]) + Vomiting - Oligoanuria - Abdominal pain - * Axillary temperature >37.
On admission, after she was given paracetamol, her axillary temperature was 37.
In the campaign, fever was defined as forehead of axillary temperature >37[degrees]C, oral temperature >37.
Vital signs on admission showed axillary temperature of 39[degrees]C, pulse of 90 beats per minute, respiratory frequency of 20 per minute, and blood pressure of 110/70 mmHg.
To investigate whether paracetamol plus ibuprofen are superior to either drug alone for increasing time without fever and relief of fever in febrile children managed at home, Bristol University and University of the West of England researchers randomised 156 children aged between six months and six years with axillary temperatures of 37.