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, gen. and pl.


(ak'sil'ă, ak-sil'ē), [TA]
The space below the glenohumeral joint, bounded by the pectoralis major anteriorly, the latissimus dorsi posteriorly, the serratus anterior medially, and the humerus laterally; it has a superior opening between the clavicle, scapula, and first rib (cervicoaxillary canal), and an inferior opening or floor covered by the axillary fascia and skin of the axillary fossa (armpit); it contains the axillary artery and vein, the infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus, axillary lymph nodes and vessels, and areolar tissue.
See also: fossa, axillary fossa.
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Fig. 58 Axil. A leaf for a larger image
Fig. 58 Axil . A leaf axil.


a location on a plant stem which is the angle between the leaf and the upper part of the stem.
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"We are not aware of any issues with this site or involving Axil as it is further away from their facility."
Eggs and froglets of Platymantis hazelae hatching from egg capsules A) egg clutch found in Pandanus leaf axil; B) newly deposited eggs with fungal infestation; C) egg clutch with developing froglets attached to dried banana leaf; D) close-up of developing froglets in A; E) egg clutch with first hatched froglet with emerging head; F) hatched froglets; G) close-up of youngest froglet showing transparent integument; H) froglet 3-5 days after hatching; I) fully metamorphosed froglet perched on Pandanus leaf; J) juvenile Platymantis hazelae perched at night on palm leaf) in Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park, Negros Island, Philippines.
Inflorescences in pseudo-racemes of dyads or triads, axillary, 1 per axil, 2-3 X 0.2 cm, 3-4 pairs of triads or dyads per inflorescence, axis of inflorescence cylindrical, minute acute bract sometimes present.
Inflorescence unbranched, borne in axil of full-sized leaf, the stalk ca.
Analysis of X-ray spectra by iterative least squares (AXIL): new developments.
For each examined bromeliad, the number of leaves and leaf axils was registered, along with base width and longest leaf length, largest diameter and plant height (from the rosette base to the top of the highest leaf) and its distance from the soil.
These bundles which did not arise directly from the axil of the rachilla but were derived from the vascular cylinder formed at the disc of insertion of the distal florets were called as sub-vascular bundles (Figure 4E and F).
A Many people just snap off the old flower but you really should prune back further down the stem to a bud in the leaf axil facing outwards to open up the bush.
10.4-11.8% and 9.8-12.4% DW); adult claspers longer (length from pelvic axil 16.8-17.6% DW vs.