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, gen. and pl.


(ak'sil'ă, ak-sil'ē), [TA]
The space below the glenohumeral joint, bounded by the pectoralis major anteriorly, the latissimus dorsi posteriorly, the serratus anterior medially, and the humerus laterally; it has a superior opening between the clavicle, scapula, and first rib (cervicoaxillary canal), and an inferior opening or floor covered by the axillary fascia and skin of the axillary fossa (armpit); it contains the axillary artery and vein, the infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus, axillary lymph nodes and vessels, and areolar tissue.
See also: fossa, axillary fossa.
Fig. 58 Axil. A leaf for a larger image
Fig. 58 Axil . A leaf axil.


a location on a plant stem which is the angle between the leaf and the upper part of the stem.
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Ghirshman in his preliminary report on Level Axil noted (1964: 4-5) the discovery of more than two hundred figurines, mostly fragmentary, found in an open space adjacent to the "grand batiment central.
nigripectus are laid mostly at 2 locations on the plants, in the internodal space between the epidermis and the cortical tissues, and in the nodes in the axils of the leaves partially embedded in the tissues.
two ovules, their micropyles directed towards the cone axis, borne on the adaxial surface of an ovuliferous scale itself in the axil of a bract, to make a compound structure in accordance with Florin's model.
His extensive experience in network-attached storage and file systems was honed at Raidtec Corporation, Mylex Corporation, and Axil Computer.
It had been OEMing defunct Axil Computers' eight-ways as its high-end AV8600 box until the launch of the four-way AV8700 rackmount at Comdex this week.
Tenders are invited for 1)Vdi 30 Boring Bar Holder, Id:40Mm 2)Set Of Collets Er25, 3) Vdi 30 Axial Live Tool Holder,4)Vdi 30 Radial Live Tool Holder,5)Vdi 30 Parting Tool Holder,6)Vdi Axil Square Tool Holder & 7) Vdi 30 Turning Tool Holder, Make:Walter/Sandvik/Kennametal/Iscar/Mitsubishi/Wto/Sphoorti.
As observed in this study, fertile leaves are pendulous (up to 200 cm long), branch dichotomously and arise from the axil of the sterile leaf.
The descriptive formulae of Springer and Smith-Vaniz (2008) were followed for axil skeleton, supraneurals and pterygiophore insertion patterns (Table II).
After beating Mohamad Syed Axil of Malaysia, and New Zealand's Mike Galloway, Webley approached his final group game with Jersey's Lee Nixon with confidence, knowing that a set would give him a place in the last eight.
Shellooe joined Fujitsu HAL Computers from Hyundai AXIL Computers, first serving as Vice President of Sales beginning in 1994 and culminating as CEO and Member of the Board of Directors in 1996.
Prior to Aveo, Virden was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Now Software, Vice President of Marketing at Axil Workstations, Director of Channel Sales for Claris Corporation and Director of Corporate Accounts for Apple Computer.