axial projection

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ax·i·al pro·jec·tion

radiographic projection devised to obtain direct visualization of the base of the skull.
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Non-regression: no changes in disc volume at all in sagittal and axial view
A cadaveric analysis of this technique demonstrated only 0.8 mm error in displacements that were greater than 10 mm and 1.5 mm error in displacements less than 10 mm, with excellent intra-class correlation coefficient (0.974) for the axial view compared to 0.257 for the AP and oblique views.
Next, the roof of the sinus was carefully removed to gain access to the sphenoidal sinus from above (axial view); and in all specimens but 5 (n=40), the septation was then investigated.
Abdominal computed tomography with intravenous contrast (axial view) showing a partially collapsed cystic lesion (white arrow) with a diameter of 11 cm at its widest portion, losing its normal spherical shape, having a lobulated margin, and containing a number of septations (red arrows) within
CT, both (a) axial view and (b) coronal view, showing hypoattenuation of the spleen, measuring approximately 7.7 cm (arrows).
Caption: Figure 2: CBCT, axial view; red arrow: VRF in gutta-percha filled canals.
Caption: Figure 2: Axial view CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis showing a radiopaque FB in the liver (red arrow).
The image was rotated to align the knee similar to how a radiation technologist would align a patient: for the axial view, the image was aligned to provide a skyline view, where the patella is viewed from the superior looking downward (Figure 2(a)in patients, this requires flexing the knee to be able to view the patella from the top; in creating the pseudo-X-ray, the viewpoint was rotated about the patella until the patellar ridge was aligned with the z-axis, i.e., coming directly in/out of the imageFigure 2(a)); for the sagittal view, the image was rotated until the femoral condyles were aligned, i.e., overlapping, as they would in a typical sagittal X-ray (Figure 2(b)).
Caption: Figure 2: Axial view of pelvic CT image demonstrating emphysematous changes in the bulb of the corpus spongiosum.
(c) CT image in the coronal plane, (d) sagittal view, and (e) axial view. The displaced lateral epicondylar fracture is malunited.
(a) Axial view: tumor invading the left posterior maxillary sinus but not the anterior area.