axial loading

ax·i·al load·ing

(ak'sē-ăl lōd'ing)
Application of weight or force along the course of the long axis of the body.
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Axial loading tests on CFRP-retrofitted short and long HSS steel columns.
After an introduction and a review of statics, he covers stress, strain, mechanical properties of materials, axial loading, torsion in shafts, bending in beams, and stress and strain transformations.
Because it was uncovered that the proposed finite element modelling in this study is accurate to investigate the performance of the columns, the method was utilised for the nonlinear analysis of the columns with the same length and cross section as the experimentally tested columns by Liu (2006), but with tapered angles under axial loading.
1, a we observe that for the mixed mode crack under uniaxial tensile loading, the crack initiation angle is perpendicular to the axial loading direction.
They proposed a mechanism of inversion, axial loading, and external rotation.
Clinical features reported to occur in trapezoid fractures are base of second metacarpal tenderness, anatomical "snuffbox" tenderness or pain on axial loading of the second finger (Afifi and Lu, 2011) although these signs are not universal.
He covers the basics of installation and geotechnics, as well as more advanced topics related to bearing capacity, pullout capacity, capacity-to-torque ratio, axial loading, reliability sizing, expansive soil resistance, lateral load resistance, corrosion and life expectancy, foundation systems, earth retention systems, underpinning systems, economics, proprietary systems, and building codes.
the DWNT is constrained in the same manner as in axial loading, forming a cantilever beam and loaded with torsional moment M = 5 nNnm (Fig.
The test has been designed such that the ring experiences radial expansion only, and no axial loading.
Most other wheelchairs currently use a single ball bearing race rated at 350 pounds radially, and not designed for axial loading.
axial lim] = 500 MPa for axial loading and [[sigma].