axial loading

ax·i·al load·ing

(ak'sē-ăl lōd'ing)
Application of weight or force along the course of the long axis of the body.
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A total of 6 square concrete filled steel tubular columns were tested under axial loading to evaluate the influence of global slenderness.
Thus, external axial loading in time t is controlled by the instantaneous contribution of the vertical displacement [u.
Similarly, at axial loading, displacement at the analyzed point on fracture gap most significantly decreased in Y plate model (by 49.
Rimoy, "Behaviour of displacement piles in sand under cyclic axial loading," Soils and Foundations, vol.
5] suggested the role of varus stress with axial loading in isolated trochlear fracture.
This required developing a loading system to enable the precise rotation of a sample while simultaneously and independently applying tensile or compressive axial loading," explained Paul Shade, lead author and a materials research engineer for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
single-hat) and double hat-sections under quasi-static and dynamic axial loading conditions leading to progressive collapse.
Axial loading tests on CFRP-retrofitted short and long HSS steel columns.
After an introduction and a review of statics, he covers stress, strain, mechanical properties of materials, axial loading, torsion in shafts, bending in beams, and stress and strain transformations.
Because it was uncovered that the proposed finite element modelling in this study is accurate to investigate the performance of the columns, the method was utilised for the nonlinear analysis of the columns with the same length and cross section as the experimentally tested columns by Liu (2006), but with tapered angles under axial loading.
Hence it can be postulated that axial loading in flexed position would transmit the forces along the ventral surface of trochlea through the coronoid.
They proposed a mechanism of inversion, axial loading, and external rotation.