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A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages or rapid eye movement sleep. The awake state is characterised by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary rapid eye movements, and eye blinks; this definition of awake is valid only if the polysomnogram is matched by a resumption of a reasonably alert state of consciousness.
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Fully aroused Sleep disorders A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any NREM stages or REMS: characterized by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary REMS, and eye blinks
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Q. Good morning! Anybody awake?

A. Hi Immi - Well, I'm very happy you came back and said hello. I hope you rested well and had a good night sleep. How are you doing these days with your Bipolar? Is this a good period?

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Neil Det Con Neil Johnson, of Staffordshire Police, said: "This was a very serious offence where the victim awoke to believe his life was in danger.
On their return home, he was left looking after Shannon when she awoke at 2am and his wife had gone to bed.
The enuretic boys awoke only 8.5% of the time while the non-bedwetters awoke 39.6% of the time.
An hour later, he awoke with a start to the sound of the bedroom door creaking open--the same door he had locked and bolted before going to bed.
He found that these infants awoke significantly fewer times during the night than infants whose mothers received no counseling on sleep habits and patterns.
His sleep time declined, and he awoke much more often than he had earlier in the flight.
Shortly after midnight, individuals awoke for 1 to 2 hours and frequently reflected on their dreams or talked about them with others.