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sensory awareness the ability to receive and differentiate sensory stimuli.
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A condition of being alert and cognizant of one's surroundings and external phenomena, as well as one's personal state.
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In psychology or neurology, the conscious perception of one's environment or of oneself.

cost awareness

In the economics of medical care, knowledge and consideration of the comparative costs of preventive actions versus the treatment of avoidable illness and disability.

fertility awareness

The identification of the days in a woman's menstrual cycle during ovulation when her potential for conception is highest.
Synonym: naturalfamily planning See: basal temperature chart ; cervical mucus; mittelschmerz

intraoperative awareness

A complication of anesthesia in which insufficient anesthetic is administered and the patient feels pain or has other unpleasant perceptions of events that occur in the operating room.
Synonym: awareness with recall

awareness with recall

Intraoperative awareness.
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Patient discussion about awareness

Q. Increase the awareness of fibromyalgia? What has helped to increase the awareness of fibromyalgia?

A. Hello Amanda, We have had criteria for fibromyalgia since 1990. Since the criteria were created, the National Institutes of Health have conducted studies and numerous articles have been written by professionals. Since that time, awareness of this disease has exploded. Through research, we have identified several path physiologic findings that are not there in the "garbage pail" diagnosis. For example, when fibromyalgia patients get a lumber puncture; we see elevated levels of a pain chemical called substance P. Also, if you look at their brain blood flow, they have lots of increased areas of activation in the chronic pain centers.

Q. Why is the awareness not seen in all? I am health conscious and always stick to whole foods and avoid on junk foods……I have a small question. Do all the people think alike..Why is the awareness not seen in all?

A. No. Not everyone think alike. 90% of the people go with the taste and the desire to satisfy the hunger in any possible way. They can achieve that with junk food. Those glittering packets are available everywhere and helps to satisfy hunger without great difficulty. Only people with health consciousness, like you, are trying to avoid on junk foods. In my case, my daughter who is 5 years old always demands junk food. Now I am trying to make her understand that junk food does no good but harm your body. Probably this diet sense should be inculcated in a child by the parents from the childhood and this also gets changed when they grow. Whether to have junk food or not depends on the individuals tolerance limit and the level of awareness he possess.

Q. Why these days in spite of the awareness and knowledge about ADHD, the ADHD patients are on the rise?

A. No …it’s not. I think this growing awareness has made the diagnosis easy and helpful. As previous parents never used to take their child serious for the possibility of any psychological disorders but now they do. Moreover regarding ADHD, now the school teacher and anyone who deals with child are trained to identify the child in their training. Even growing awareness has also paves way for treatment at the correct time before it gets severe.

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However, any clinical signs are much more unreliable in this respect and certainly it would be wise to use EEG based monitoring if a patient has history of awareness with recall under general anaesthesia.
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