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A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages or rapid eye movement sleep. The awake state is characterised by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary rapid eye movements, and eye blinks; this definition of awake is valid only if the polysomnogram is matched by a resumption of a reasonably alert state of consciousness.
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Fully aroused Sleep disorders A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any NREM stages or REMS: characterized by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary REMS, and eye blinks
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Q. Good morning! Anybody awake?

A. Hi Immi - Well, I'm very happy you came back and said hello. I hope you rested well and had a good night sleep. How are you doing these days with your Bipolar? Is this a good period?

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Dr Akbar performed awake brain surgery on a 60 year old patient from Buner on May 13, 2019.
And 73 per cent of Millenials who are parents admit they are kept awake with the stress of money matters.
Emory neurosurgeons see the technique as a "potentially transformative" way to calm some patients during awake brain surgery, even for people who are not especially anxious.
A tent was made under the drape to allow direct communication with patients when mapping was done & they were awake.
Conclusion: There is no difference in frequency of laryngospasm in awake versus deep extubation after intranasal surgery.
All over the world, the events featured in Awake raised awareness of the need to preserve water and evoked sympathy for those trying to safeguard it.
Inhalation induction with the maintenance of spontaneous ventilation has been used as an alternative to awake intubation.[11],[12],[13],[14],[15] However, airway obstruction might occur with this technique after induction of general anesthesia.
Not being able to pay household utility bills (38 per cent) and household food bills (33 per cent) have also kept people awake.
Being a cornerstone of safe anesthetic practice in managing patients with identified difficult airway, awake intubation enables prevention of the disastrous consequences of a potential "cannot intubate and cannot oxygenate" scenario, while necessitating a preplanned strategy for intubation and patient preparation regarding explanation of the proposed procedure, sedation, administration of antisialogogues, and regional anesthesia of the airway [2,4].
"Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake have attracted all major drug and C-store chains and distributors, as well as key natural, food, and mass market accounts nationwide," says James Lacey, chief executive officer of Berry Sleepy/ Berry Awake and a managing partner of Healthy Ventures LLC.
An application was submitted for a new group called Scotland Awake, who use a neo-Nazi logo as their emblem.