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A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages or rapid eye movement sleep. The awake state is characterised by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary rapid eye movements, and eye blinks; this definition of awake is valid only if the polysomnogram is matched by a resumption of a reasonably alert state of consciousness.


Fully aroused Sleep disorders A polysomnographically defined state not equal to any NREM stages or REMS: characterized by alpha and beta waves, tonic EMG, voluntary REMS, and eye blinks

Patient discussion about awake

Q. Good morning! Anybody awake?

A. Hi Immi - Well, I'm very happy you came back and said hello. I hope you rested well and had a good night sleep. How are you doing these days with your Bipolar? Is this a good period?

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Exclusion criteria were as follows: (1) patients with severe airway obstruction who require awake intubation, for example, patients with a luminal transverse area of the trachea less than 1/3 its original size due to an intratracheal neoplasm, or external compression from tumor or mass around trachea; (2) patients unable to breathe in the supine position; (3) patients with complicated respiratory diseases including pneumonia, asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema; (4) patients with a high risk of aspiration, including intestinal obstruction, full stomach, esophageal reflux; (5) patients with history or family history of malignant hyperthermia; (6) pregnancy.
Not being able to pay household utility bills (38 per cent) and household food bills (33 per cent) have also kept people awake.
Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake have attracted all major drug and C-store chains and distributors, as well as key natural, food, and mass market accounts nationwide," says James Lacey, chief executive officer of Berry Sleepy/ Berry Awake and a managing partner of Healthy Ventures LLC.
with new UNITE AGAINST Due to data protection laws, the Electoral Commission cannot reveal who made the August application to register Scotland Awake.
We found that 60% of consumers would purchase new Berry Awake shots if they were available.
Awake craniotomy is indicated for resection of supra-tentorial tumors in eloquent cortex, where it is beneficial to be able to monitor patient speech as well as motor and visual functions.
The aim of this case report was to present MAC, the technique involving propofol and remifentanil combined with levobupivacaine for scalp block in neurosurgical procedure of tumour resection in the awake patient.
To secure airway for ventilation, options were discussed with the patient and surgeon and consensus was made for awake fiberoptic ETI.
When awake mice were anesthetized, potassium ion levels in their brains dropped sharply, while levels of calcium and magnesium rose.
It may, however, also open up for a better future understanding of why some people suffer convulsive fits when staying awake all through the night," says Professor Maiken Nedergaard from the Center for Basic and Translational Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen.
Through a wide range of voices, Awake at the Bedside explores both the personal and social aspects of caregiving at the end of life.
Zemmoura and colleagues evaluated their hypnosis technique in 37 patients undergoing awake craniotomy, mainly for low-grade gliomas, between 2011 and 2015.