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See avulsion.


verb To tear away—as in a tendon avulsing from its point of insertion or attachment to a bone.


To separate or tear away a body part as from an accident or surgery.
[L. a vello, pp. a vulsus, to tear away]


To pull or tear away forcibly. In some cases, a surgeon must remove a nail by avulsing it from its matrix.
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Caption: FIGURE 5: (a, b) Preoperative arthroscopic results, showing that (a) the parenchymal fibers of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) were normal, whereas (b) the avulsed fragment impinged on the femoral intercondylar notch as the knee was extended, limiting extension.
The speed with which the avulsed tooth is re- planted into the alveolar socket results in a favorable outcome therefore every effort should be made to replant the tooth within the first 15-20 minutes, as previously mentioned drying of viable PDL cells should be avoided.
The available treatment options were explained to the patient and his parents with the possible treatment outcome, and it was decided to replant the avulsed teeth in the mouth for as long as possible.
The patient and parent were educated about avulsed injury and asked to go back to home and search for lost tooth.
Avulsed permanent incisors: knowledge and attitude of primary school teachers with regard to emergency management.
a well-perfused, but otherwise avulsed segment of the kidney causing persistent urinary extravastion).
Results after replantation of avulsed permanent teeth.
The lower 1/3 of the subscapularis along with the underlying capsule were found to be avulsed from the medial humeral neck.
meat to be soft as an earlobe, the wings and face avulsed from the body,
sup][9] Testicular artery could be avulsed at its origin from the renal artery during dissection of the later because its presence may not be anticipated and may lead to troublesome bleeding.
The conoid ligament had been avulsed from the coracoid with a bone fragment of approximately 15 mm x 10 mm.
External inflammatory and replacement of luxated and avulsed replanted permanent incisors: a review and case presentation.