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a conscious or unconscious defense mechanism consisting of refusal to encounter situations, activities, or objects that would produce conflict.
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In psychiatry, a term describing a decrease in strength of relationships or fear and withdrawal when conflict emerges. See: attachment. Compare: approach.
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Psychiatry The intentional skirting of new interpersonal contacts to the extent of impairing social function
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In psychiatry, a term describing a decrease in strength of relationships or fear and withdrawal when conflict emerges.
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In psychiatry, a term describing a decrease in strength of relationships or fear and withdrawal when conflict emerges.
See: attachment
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Patient discussion about avoidance

Q. Which food should be consumed and which should be avoided. Found some months before that my mother has very painful gout. Which food should be consumed and which should be avoided and why?

A. Changing the nutrition profile will be of help and a good medical treatment for gout is also available. High protein food should be avoided. But lamb, pork, bacon, chicken, all fish, peas, beans and lentils can be taken in small amount, as protein is an important requirement for nutritional fulfillment, its intake should be in very small amounts. Alcohol should be reduced greatly, especially wine and beer. A good fluid intake of plain water is advised. Foods that aggravate shall be avoided.

Q. How do I avoid Sport injuries? I started climbing recently and going to the gym 3 times a week.

A. I had the same question, so I dug up a little bit through the web and found this wonderful site with a lot of tips + videos about “how to avoid sport injuries :
bookmark it!

Q. how to avoid breast cancer? i heard that wearing bras when sleeping causes breast cancer and i've been doing this for the past 2 years and now i'm so scared

A. I'm not sure how to avoid it but I can tell you for sure that going to check yourself every year is extremely important and has helped save so many lives. you can never be too carefull...

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