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Morbid fear of airborne noxious substances.


(1) Aviophobia, see there.
(2) Morbid fear of drafts and fresh air.
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Psychology Fear of flying. See Phobia.
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In her case, she has never had a traumatic experience that brought about her aviophobia.
But while Davies' aviophobia might make him the butt of a few jokes, it also puts him in some esteemed company.
One in six of us suffers from aviophobia, or the fear of flying.
Fear of flying (also known as Aviophobia) is common even though flying is 30 times safer than travelling by car.
While there is a word for just about every phobia, I couldn't find one for the fear of "the fear of flying"--aka aviophobia. Suffice it to say, those in the aerospace industry are afflicted.