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When kernels of avidin corn were infested with Angoumois grain moths or maize weevils, most of the larvae died inside kernels that contained at least 20 parts per million of avidin.
This was followed by incubation with HRP-conjugated avidin for 30 min (250 ng/mL) and with o-phenylenediamine as a chromogenic substrate for additional 20 min.
Avidin, FITC-labeled biotin (FITC-biotin), and FITC-conjugated streptavidin (FITC-streptavidin) were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich.
Gold NPs, 15 nm in diameter, and avidin were provided by SABC.
5%) supplemented with avidin solution (Avidin/Biotin Blocking Kit, Vector) was used to block tissue sections for 30 minutes.
To facilitate conjugation with avidin to detect biotinylated targets, QDs have been modified with dihydrolipoic acid (3).
The reactivity could be weakened by pretreatment with avidin and biotin.
In conventional pretargeting, the patient is first injected with a targeting protein, such as an antibody, which is linked to biotin or avidin molecules that have a strong affinity for each other.
Biotin-labeled DNA was detected by use of avidin-conjugated fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC; Vector) and biotin-conjugated avidin (Vector).
A general procedure for optimizing concentrations of capture antibody, biotinylated detecting antibody, and enzyme-labeled avidin in ELISAs-application to assays for [alpha]-fetoprotein, prolactin, FSH and LH in serum.
The in vivo-biotinylated anti-CEA scFv was purified from bacterial lysates by monovalent avidin chromatography and used to establish an immunofluorometric assay for CEA in streptavidincoated microplates.