avian encephalomyelitis virus

a·vi·an en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis vi·rus

a virus of the genus Enterovirus (family Picornaviridae) causing avian infectious encephalomyelitis in young chicks.
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2 for Newcastle disease virus, infectious bursal disease, infectious bronchitis virus, and avian encephalomyelitis virus or >0.
Results of commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays on serum samples showed that birds had antibodies against infectious bursal disease virus (100%), Newcastle disease virus (97%), avian encephalomyelitis virus (92%), chicken anemia virus (90%), infectious bronchitis virus (85%), Mycoplasma gallisepticum (73%), and Mycoplasma synoviae (68%).
Avian encephalomyelitis virus induces apoptosis via major structural protein VP3.
Avian encephalomyelitis virus nonstructural protein 2C induces apoptosis by activating cytochrome c/caspase-9 pathway.