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The traits evaluated were: mass production (g) and total and marketable number of fruits per plant (standard size of the cultivar and straight fruits); percentage of marketable fruit (obtained through relation between marketable and total number of fruits produced per plant); average mass of marketable fruit; diameter and length of marketable fruit (measurement obtained using digital caliper, of all marketable fruit, from all harvestings, with subsequent calculation of the average); mass and number of seeds per fruit and plant height (obtained at the end of the cycle, using a measuring tape).
It is interesting to note that at j = 12 the mass of the object becomes equal to the average mass of a human individual, while the length of the vortex tube corresponds to the length of a stretched human DNA.
Average mass loss and temperature values of Calabrian pine and Oriental beech wood were determined according to ASTM E-69.
The average mass loss rate also mirrored the trend observed in HRR data and was reduced by more than 60% by the addition of 8-10 wt% OMMT.
Hills of Los Alamos, consider the trials and tribulationsof a trio of stars: an isolated, elderly neutron star that encounters a white dwarf bound to a star of ordinary density and average mass.
The average mass balance for the three CCA-C components in the outer 5 mm of the fresh-treated poles used for the CCA elements disproportioning study were 52 percent chromium oxide, 35 percent arsenic oxide, and 14 percent copper oxide.
For these conditions, the stick-slip phenomenon took place when the average mass flow rate imposed by the extruder [Q.
Of average mass, build and appearance, the sun doesn't have much to distinguish it from untold numbers of other stars.
Tuerk cheap jerseys uses hand strength and plus balance and body control to make up for a lack of power, but his knee injury and below average mass for the position certainly scare some teams wholesale nhl jerseys away.
Compared with clones E1 through E5, results showed nearly three to four times higher average mass loss in clones E6 and E7 (Table 3).
Coniophora virulence controls had an average mass loss below 30%, but one can consider that 29% average mass loss of the controls tested within the same flask as mulberry specimen allows a test validation.
In comparison with 2015, the average mass of new cars sold in 2016 in the EU increased slightly to reach 1 388 kg.

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