average flow rate

av·er·age flow rate

the flow rate determined by dividing the total volume of urine passed by the time of voiding.
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Uroflowmetry showed a maximal flow rate ([Q.sub.max]) of 5.1 mL/s, average flow rate ([Q.sub.ave]) of 1.6 mL/s, voiding volume of 200 cc, PVR of 380 cc, and plateau voiding pattern.
The average flow rate and methane concentration decreased to 19.1 [m.sup.3]/h and 51.0% in the nonrecirculation phase, respectively.
Regarding the forecast of the average flow rate after two months, [Q.sub.+2], all models lead to reliable results (Table 1), both with 4-month input (Figure 11) and 6-month input (Figure 12).
The energy costs were determined using the average flow rate multiplied by the average pressure drop over the fan efficiency.
The values of maximum flow rate, average flow rate, voiding volume, and post-void residue were compared between the different voiding positions.
The average flow rate of a shower head is around two gallons per minute, so by cutting your shower by even a minute a day, you could save 14 gallons a week, that's a grand total of more than 700 gallons a year.
The SDE is calculated by dividing the average flow rate from all three strips by the average sprinkler nozzle flow rate and correcting by the ratio of strip width to sprinkler head spacing.
At the highest inlet mass flow rate of 450 kg/s, the largest difference between the flow rate in each assembly and the average flow rate is less than 5%.
The average flow rate for a "fast-fill" of an NGV fuel tank can vary from 40 pounds mass per minute to over 200 pounds mass per minute.
In case constant average flow rate is maintained during each heating stage, the average temperature of the HS remains constant, Fig.
This results in a constant average flow rate to serve the CCW, starting at about 6:30 a.m.

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