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A value that represents or summarizes the relevant features of a set of values; it is usually computed by a mathematical manipulation of the individual values in a set to equalize them and determine a mean.
[M.E. averays, loss from damage to ship or cargo, fr. It. avaris, fr. Ar. 'awariya, damaged goods, + damage]
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noun The sum of the values of all observations or data points divided by the number of observations; an arithmetical average; the central tendency of a collection of numbers, which is a sum of the numbers divided by the amount of numbers the collection.

• Population mean (µ).
• Sample mean (x-bar).
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adjective Stingy; miserly; unwilling to share.

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adjective Unkind, spiteful.
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Arithmetic average, arithmetic mean Statistics A measure of central tendency, calculated by the sum of all data points dividing by the number–n of data points. See Time-weighted average.
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1. A value that represents or summarizes the relevant features of a set of values; it is usually computed by a mathematical manipulation of the individual values in a set.
2. Synonym(s): arithmetic mean.
[M.E. averays, loss from damage to ship or cargo, fr. It. avaris, fr. Ar. 'awariya, damaged goods, + damage]
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Patient discussion about average

Q. What is the average weight of 11-year-old girl? My niece is very thin for her age. What is the average weight of 11-year-old girl?

A. It could have been easy for us to suggest you rightly if you had given the details of her actual weight. As an 11 year old, and determined on a poll at Sullivan, I came up with the results below.

5, 2-102- 110
5, 0- 97
4, 9 and lower - 85 pounds to 92

These are real results tested on real girls at 11 years.

Q. how much protein should the average male eat per day? Does it matter if the protein comes from vegetables, nuts, animals?

A. Your daily protein intake should be between 10% to 15% of your daily caloric intake. Here is a website that helps you calculate exactly how much protein you should consume according to your weight:

Q. I just want to get an average weight. Please help. Hi this is Devonate, I’m 17, 5'5" and weigh 240 but most of my weight is in my belly. I want to loose my belly fat. I hate to hang around. I have low-self esteem and I hate to look at me in the mirror. I just want to get an average weight. Please help.

A. you need to get active and eat healthier. consume natural unprocessed foods. eat fruit and veggies and lean meats. exercise wise, find something that you can enjoy doing for the rest of your life. biking walking, jogging are good for starters.

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Average achievement gap between "star" and their other group members Top Bottom Modest leaders 3.59 1.99 Ensemble casts 3.25 2.08 Co-leaders 3.43 1.74 Abdicators 3.07 2 One-person shows 3.75 1.64 Top = "Star" avarage exam grade Bottom = Group's average exam grade without "star" Note: Table made from line graph.
2--the avarage heat transfer coefficient (Nusselt number) and average wall cooling effectiveness are highly depended upon the jet Reynolds number and ribs arrangement.
Geological Geomechanical 1 Distance between fault and Rock quality designation roadway - 20.6 RQD - 21.7 2 Seismic activity - 17.4 UCS weighted avarage for the roof - 20.9 3 Geomechanical Brasilian tensile strength parameters - 17.2 of the roof - 15.3 4 Drivage along the fault UCS weighted avarage for zone - 16.9 the wall - 13.6 5 The thin beds in the Slakeability of the roof immediate roof - 9.3 rock - 13.3 6 Hydrogeological UCS weighted avarage conditions - 8.0 for the floor - 8.3 7 Drivage in the fold - 6.1 Unit weight of the immediate roof - 7.1 8 Rock beds gradient - 4.5 9 Factor and its weight [%] No.
Iran accounts for 30 percent of all HIV-positive people in the region, with an estimated avarage of 70,000 [47,000-110,000] people living with HIV.
The experiments were performed in triplicates and the results are presented as avarage [+ or -] S.D.
Sampling Soil ECe pH T.N.V Gypsum time depth (cm) (dS/m) (%) (meq/100gr) Before 0-25 111.0 7.4 33.0 8.60 leaching 25-50 43,0 7.7 31.0 20.0 50-75 39.0 7.8 32.0 23.0 75-100 33.5 7.8 30.0 46.0 100-125 33.0 7.8 30.0 45 0 125-150 32,0 7.6 35.0 34.0 After 0-25 3.4 S.l 33.0 2.90 leaching 3.3 7.9 33.0 2.00 25-50 3.9 S.D 31,5 6.50 3.8 7.9 31.0 16.0 50-75 6.4 S.l 32.0 25.8 5.2 s.o 32.0 21.0 75-100 9.5 8.2 32.0 26.6 11.5 8.3 31.0 33.0 100-125 19,2 8.4 28.2 50.7 28.5 8.2 30.0 40.5 125-150 41.2 8.3 34.3 31.8 30.0 8.1 32.0 34.0 Avarage Before leaching 48 58 7.68 31.84 29.44 After leaching 13.94 S_1S 31.84 24.05 13.72 8.07 31.50 24.42 Sampling Soil C.E.C Ex.[Na.
Hoechst Celanese Liqui-Cel extra-flow 2.5 x 8 membrane Description contactor model 5PCG-261 Shell characteristics Material Polypropylene Length (mm) 203 Inner diameter, 2[R.sub.3](mm) 63 Outer diameter, R (mm) 77 Fiber characteristics Material Celgard X-20 240 polypropylene hollow fiber Number of fibers, N 10,200 Effective length, L (mm) 198 Inner diameter, 2[R.sub.1] ([micro]m) 240 Outer diameter, 2[R.sub.2] ([micro]m) 300 Effective surface area, A ([m.sup.2]) 1.4 Effective area/volume ([cm.sup.2]/ [cm.sup.3]) 29.3 Avarage pore size, [r.sub.p] (nm) 15 Membrane porosity, [epsilon] 0.4 Membrane tortousity, [tau] 2.6
Now living in Chester, he trains an avarage of at least a couple of hours a day.
The number of the towns, the ratio of the urban population and the urbanisation index is similar to the avarage of Europe (Csapo, Kocsis 2008, Toth 2008).
Speaking at the B-20 business summit, Putin said "The growth rate in our country was 3.4 percent last year, which was about the world avarage. We have lower growth rate this year.
The Labor Department also said the four-week avarage of continuing claims fell by 13,000 to 3.07 million for the week ending March 9 6 the latest week for which data is available.