auxotrophic mutant

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aux·o·tro·phic mu·tant

mutant with a nutritional requirement not present in the wild-type organism.
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Due to this reason, the triple auxotrophic mutant of glutamate-homoserine-alanine (MRLH- GHA10) produced a higher yield, than the triple auxotrophic mutant of methionine-threonine-alanine (MRLH-MTA2).
Tween 20 was used as antifoaming agent Development and isolation of auxotrophic mutants
Each auxotrophic, double auxotrophic and triple auxotrophic mutants were separately cultured in 20 ml auxotrophic screening media in 100 ml flask and incubated at 28 C agitation 100 rpm.
The effect of different chemical constituents and condition of the maintenance medium on the maintenance of the auxotrophic mutant Micrococcus glutamicus [AB.
Isolation of auxotrophic mutants of diploid industrial yeast strains after UV mutagenesis.