auxiliary spring

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aux·il·i·a·ry spring

(awg-zilyă-rē spring)
A short piece of wire attached to an orthodontic appliance used to apply force to the teeth.
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The auxiliary spring has contact with the main spring only at its end when a force is applied at the end of a double-leaf spring.
The deflection at point D of the auxiliary spring caused by [F.
Tenders are invited for Auxiliary Spring Fuel Pump Cross Head Non-Fe Dlw Drg 46D76085-1 Alt-B
lower limb prosthesis transfemoral modular socket resin and carbon fiber, poliform interface, manual knee lock, leg tube duralumnio, pie dynamic, restraint system valve of sucion, auxiliary spring suspension / tender
With dynamically variable trip points, the trip point can be set using variable air pressure supplemented by auxiliary springs for low breakaway if desired.

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